Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate

“For drinking chocolate, little comes close to the bliss of a cup from Grounded Pleasures, a company that prides itself on flavour – and the well being of its growers. Guilt-free goodness! “

Matthew Evans
SBS Gourmet Farmer

We supply exquisite drinking chocolates

We source the best cocoas from unique origins and bring them to you in the purest form.

Our attitude is that its all about enjoying flavourful sensations. We delight in the continued search for new and intriguing cocoa and chocolate experiences. We endeavour to have fruitful enduring positive relationships with everyone we connect with, with special attention to the growers and the environment.

Origin, purity and care are central to the flavour of our products.

Good cocoa doesn't just taste of chocolate

Some may find it surprising but good cocoa doesn’t taste just of chocolate. Good cocoa is complex (like good wine & coffee) and the mouth should resonate with many different and changing sensations such as spice, fruit, malt, sweet smoke etc and textures. All this should end with a delightful long and pleasant, echoing aftertaste.

Cocoa terroir

These complexities are derived from the patch of earth where they are grown and enhanced by careful initial processing, The local environment imparts all sorts of characteristics onto the finished cocoa. With wine there are renowned small regions that produce exceptional wine styles, it is similar for cocoa.

Minimal processing

Our cocoas are processed with utmost care so as to retain their flavour and texture. It is common in cocoa milling that cocoa liquor is siphoned off for hard chocolates. This is not the case with Grounded Pleasures. Our cocoas are minimally processed to maximise flavour and health-giving antioxidants and flavonoids.

A big thankyou to our growers and the Earth

The Flavour Alchemist — Craig McKenzie

Without great growing regions and growers we would not have these magnificent cocoas, so we have both a feel good and pragmatic commitment to contribute at least 5% of our profits to non-government organisations working with cocoa farmers and rainforest rescue and preservation.