The perfect hot chocolate

A mug of Grounded Pleasures hot chocolate goodness


One tablespoon of Grounded Pleasures drinking chocolate (or more for a richer, decadent experience)

One cup of good quality milk (dairy, soy, almond)


HEAT one cup of milk (dairy, soy, almond) over a low heat in a pan. Add one tablespoon of grounded pleasures drinking chocolate and whisk vigorously until the chocolate dissolves and has reached the desired temperature. 


ADD one tablespoon of grounded pleasures drinking chocolate to one cup of milk and stir until combined. Steam with a milk brother until silky smooth. 


ICE your grounded pleasures drinking chocolate with ice blocks or cold milk. Stir one tablespoon with a small amount of water into a paste. Pour into your cup of milk and stir. Consider adding cream or ice cream for a more decadent experience. 

POUR, sip and savour the deep roasted hazelnut, butterscotch and caramel notes with an incredibly smooth but lively texture. 

Find our range of exquisite drinking chocolates here. Which one will you choose? 


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