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A Grounded Pleasures and The Gut Stylist Collaboration - Chocolate Spread - Simple - Healthy - Good

We are so thrilled when local Jo (the gut food stylist) contacted us to chat about using our straight up cocoa in her healthy chocolate spread. We have been lucky enough to be gifted Jo's entire range - and I must say, the caramel and the dynamite are the firm favourites in our household. Thanks Jo! 

Jo's story - 

"I am the founder of The Gut Food Stylist and single mother to two divine little boys. I have loved cooking beautiful food for loved ones since I was a girl but my interest in healthy eating came about after my non-verbal 3 year old was diagnosed with Autism. I removed all unnatural food from his diet and his regressive form of Autism improved within 3 days. 3 years on a Finn is a high-functioning, verbal and happy boy with no meltdowns. He attends the local primary school and reads at a Grade 4 level. If we deviate from his healthy eating plan he suffers from heightened emotion, vagueness, listlessness and drunken-like silliness.

I lost a third of my bowel at Finn’s birth and suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and gluten and lactose intolerance. I also enjoy eating natural foods which is all my digestive system will allow me to do.

My aim is to help people, especially busy main-carers to be able to feed their families healthy real food that everyone enjoys eating"

Gourmet Traveller - April

Gourmet Traveller - April


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